Precision Xtreme Pencil Exo


PXRPE107 ราคาตั้ง 425 บาท

PXREP127 ราคาตั้ง 450 บาท


“Two Frequencies, Countless Strikes.”

Precise Design – Xtreme Action! Inside the Precision Xtreme Pencil’s durable and through-wired plastic body is an internal weight system that makes the lure one of the best-casting baits in its category. The internal weight doubles as the Dual Frequency Knocker: as the weight slides along the internal railing, it hits a durability-increasing plastic pillar and a stainless steel weight in turns. This results in a sequence of high and low pitch, attracting fish from near and far! The extremely detailed Precision Xtreme Pencil features printed scales and a new 3D holographic eye. The lure comes in six unique exotic fish patterns and is equipped with heavy-wire split rings and extra-tough VMC® treble hooks for taking on monster-sized fish.