Rapala Snow Tiger

The legendary Rapala Snow returns with a vengeance, introducing the New Rapala Snow Tiger. Why Snow Tiger? Snow Tigers lack the colour pigment that causes them to have white fur, they are more prominent without having the ability to camouflage themselves. In order to survive they have to hunt by stealth. Tigers are symbols of strength, power and stealth. Anglers fish similarly by stealth, hunting down prey with strong powerful gear. Rapala Snow Tiger was designed with all these great attributes. We designed this new aggressive action rod by blending together the latest high modulus carbon to create a fast, powerful and strong rod. All-round aggressive action will allow you to cast faster, further with pinpoint accuracy without any compromise making it effortless to stalk and subdue your next prey. Highlights of the Snow Tiger are depicted in the all new Rapala Snow Tiger cosmetics, metal parts are icy cool with sharp claw engravings, decals and thread works are icy cool too. Blanks are a lush metallic pearl white.